Adult's Learn to Sail Group Program

Course Description

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ADULT L2S is offered for learners over the age of 18, once a week, over 4 weeks.

This is our basic L2S program tailored to the adult learner in a small group setting held on Wednesday Evenings or Saturday mornings.

Prerequisites: Life vest, and ability to swim.

Classes to be scheduled and held at mutually decided evenings between instructor and students.

The classes will cover the basics of sailing, including rigging, points of sail, sail trim, boat handling, and boating safety.

Students will develop their skills through on the water sessions, discussions, and the US Sailing textbook "Learn Sailing Right"

The first week held onshore at North Star Sail club, the rest of weeks will be held on water.


1st Session: To Be Determined

2nd Session: To Be Determined

3rd Session: To Be Determined


Cost: $375.00


Adult Private Lessons

 Adult Private Sailing Lessons with US Sailing Certified Instructor can be scheduled in advance with Instructors.

Prerequisite: Life vest and ability to swim.

Cost: $225 per 2 hour lesson - includes Boat use fee.