Annual Fund Update

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Donated Boat 2-2016

Donated Boat “For Sail”: We are pleased to announce the availability of a recently donated boat, a 1981 New York 36. This vessel was built by Schoch Company to specifications created by the New York Yacht Club for inter-club match racing. These boats proved so successful that they are now found in California, the Great Lakes, and the East Coast. This boat is a weekend of elbow grease away from sailing; it is well equipped with a quality suite of sails and is being offered for $12,000 to NSSC Members until March 1. After March 1, it will be offered publically to the highest bidder. For further information, please contact Michael Fellberg, Director of Donated Boat Program. Email: or call 313-300-6146.


Fundraising: Thanks to your generous donations and a generous gift from the Double-Handed Sailing Association, our Annual Campaign ,has raised $5600 thus far! We plan to add several small boat dollies to our inventory to help us launch our fleet with greater ease while protecting our recent capital investment in our fleet upgrades


Thank you to everyone who has used the URL for your Amazon purchases! For those of you who have asked, just use web address to log into your Amazon account and select North Star Junior Sailing Inc as your favorite 501C(3) charity. In turn, Amazon will donate 0.5 % of your purchase to our organization. Just in the year we have partnered with, we have painlessly raised several hundred dollars.


North Star Junior Sailing Facts:


37 kids were enrolled during our 2015 summer program in Learn to Sail, “Sailors” (intermediate program), and our race program.

DRYA sanctioned dinghy sailboats are used in our fleet: Optimist Prams, 420s, and Lasers.


Several of our Junior Sailors have continued to gain sailing experience and have been sailing as crew on several “big boats” at NSSC as well as at other yacht clubs. We had several of our youth crew on the Port Huron to Mackinac Race too!


We continue our relationship with the High School Sailing Team at DeLaSalle Collegiate and Regina High Schools - the first high school sailing teams in Macomb County!


It typically takes $18,000-20,000 per season to run our program. This money comes from tuition and funds instructor salaries and day-to-day operating expenses. We are highly dependent on other sources of money to make capital purchases, such as new program boats. As such, we have been working very hard at fundraising: Boater to Boater Sale, and direct requests for donations such as this.• We continually end our season ahead of budget, demonstrating our fiscal responsibility and better long-range planning.

North Star Junior Sailing is a Michigan charitable 501C(3) corporation. Your donation is fully tax deductible (please consult with your tax advisor regarding your specific situation). If you find it in your heart to donate the entire cost of a program boat, you will have naming rights for the boat your donation purchased for the life of that boat. We have established a wall plaque that we will inscribe with your name and boat’s name as a perpetual acknowledgment of your gift.

Can you help us invest in the future of Macomb County’s only Junior Sailing Program? If we are not willing to invest in training our future sailors, who will? And what will happen to our sport and leisure time passion? Your generous support is deeply appreciated!