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RACING "TEAM NORTH STAR" INSTRUCTIONAL PROGRAM will meet Monday through Friday full days.

Participants will be coached by experienced race coaches, to advance sailing skills, sharpen their sailboat tactics, train for performance and competitive sailing at local regattas.

Various local yacht clubs offer competitive sailing regattas.

Prerequisites: Life vest, ability to swim/pass swim test; basic knowledge of sailing or previous sailing experience.

Dates and Cost:

Full (F) season: June 15-August 7, 2020; $1,050  + $175 Boat use fee

*No classes the week of the Port Huron to Mackinac Race: July 13-17, 2020


Sailor parents are expected to donate 8 hours of their time (per family) helping with the NSJS such as transportation, trailering, on shore supervision and/or fundraising.

Parents pay an additional $120 fee during registration, which will be refunded when they have fulfilled their obligation.


Alternate sailing courses available: Learn to Sail - Beginners and Silver Fleet - Intermediate